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This home is located in the historic area of Hollywood Lakes.  The design is intended to reflect the simplest and most fundamental form, the cube.  The cube, which is on the second level, is detailed so that it appears to flat above the structure below. The edges of the cube in the front are deconstructed and accented with warm wood tones.  The cube in the  rear is divided into two forms with various cut outs and the master bedroom terrace floats above the family room terrace below.  The overall design and appearance of the structure represents modern architecture and connects with houses in the neighborhood where there is an eclectic source of many contemporary styles throughout the neighborhood.  

This project received the City of Hollywood Historic Preservation award in 2019 for innovative design and infill project.  

Project Designers:

Annie Carruthers Architect and Jack Carruthers

Builder:  Ark Residential

Interior Designer:  Chelsea Design Miami

Photography:  Ginger Photography

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